Have you notice..

Flowers aren’t meant for one simple reason

Flowers can mean so much

love, happiness, sadness, hopeless, in love, friendship..

Flowers can bring you memories of a loss one

Flowers can bring you hope and happiness.

The moment you see flowers you know it reminds you of someone

You see flowers in any way you choose.

Flowers have strong meanings to everyone in their own way.



To Lose a Mother

Is the most difficult and painful moment, you experience many changes in yourself  and with others. You tend to keep telling yourself how no one will be able to understand what it’s like to lose a mother until it happens. You’ll have days where you will wish to rewind all the moment you had with her and experience all her love, her jokes, her habits, and her sweet kisses and warm hugs.  No matter how hard you try or what you do to move on from that pain inside you, Your heart knows that pain will never go away. You will reach to the moment that you accept she’s in a better place called heaven and she is always watching over you. The pain may never go away but things can get better with God in your life.


The City

The city where you see buildings,

The people with the desire to have their own business,

The people walking their dogs,

The aroma of the fancy restaurants,

The place where there’s always jobs, known companies,

The people walking as if life is being in a rush,

The homeless laying on the ground as if its the end of their life,

The place where meaningful arts are being shown,

The place where people are always filming, 

The streets full of cars going on a one way road, the people honking, buses beeping,

The ambulance passing by with the loud siren and red flashing lights,

The city that’s filled with lights throughout the night,

The city of Downtown L.A